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I draw Zelda (or Nintendo) related things! And I make videos of my stuff as well.

My someday-will-become-more-than-slightly-less-than-mega-remarkable Youtube
My mega-remarkable tumblr

:iconasiantoonlinkplz: Stay perky :iconasiantoonlinkplz:

Groose by fricken-pimp Unhappy Mask Salesman STAMP by FJLink Shake him again STAMP by FJLink Crazy Linebeck STAMP by FJLink Linebeck likes to shake babies by Momogirl

Suuup! I've decided to open up commissions again, but this time I'm mostly focusing on comic commissions. I feel that I may have become too narrow-minded with how I make comics, so hopefully this can help me gain a fresh perspective. Anyway, I might as well open this up for the tiny chance someone does commission me!


  • If you have some kind of Zelda (especially BoTW...someone's still in a mood for BoTW), Fire Emblem, Smash Bros, or Pokemon comic idea you'd like me to draw, send me a note with details and then we'll discuss it from there
  • I'll post the completed commission to Deviantart, unless I'm told otherwise
  • Expect your commission to be finished within two weeks
  • If you rrrrreally want me to just draw a single character for you and not a comic, please check out my original commission journal.


  • I only take USD on Paypal
  • I'll note you my Paypal email and the total cost after we've agreed upon the details of your commission
  • Payment is in advance -  I'll start drawing as soon as I'm paid
  • No refunds

Prices (USD)

  • A comic will cost at least $40, and can go all the way up to $100 depending on the complexity of characters, poses, backgrounds, and the number of panels





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